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Sun, 16 Jan 2000 17:41:24 -0800

I stopped by International Models & Toys this weekend to pick up the MSiA
MS-09 Dom and Turn-A (no model number given, I note) toys and was amazed to
see a foot-long (30 cm) beam rifle and shield sitting on the counter.

The proprietor of the shop is building a 1:35 scale RX-78-2 Gundam resin
kit. When completed, this sucker will stand a full 20 inches (51.4 cm)
tall. I don't know who makes it but, judging from the beam rifle, the
detail is incredible.

I told the proprietor that he should get one of those ubiquitous laser
pointers and build it into the barrel, which is large enough to accommodate
one with no modification to either. If it were any larger, he could sell
the beam rifle and shield as children's toys. A 1:10 Gundam would be
man-sized, so a 1:20 Gundam would be child-sized and a 1:35 Gundam is just
right (if a bit advanced) for a 5 year old. Too many fiddly bits for kids,
though -- the sight actually opens up to show the interior "circuitry" and
there are three other maintenance hatches elsewhere on the body. The
shield has more grip arrangements than I could make out with just a cursory

I'm really looking forward to seeing this thing when it's fully built.


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