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> Do you know about a table top game called Gundam Simulation? I found out
> about it from G-Shop (a multimedia CD about the original model series and
> some of the MSV). It comes with an injection kit for the game pieces,
> consisting of 1/550 Gundam, Guncannon, Guntank, GMs and Balls on the Fed
> side, and Zakus, Gelgoogs, Rick Doms, and an Elmeth on the Zeon side.
> Looks like a fun, simple game, may be a kiddie game for you hardcore
> gameheads. Any of you have this game/kit? I would like to know what the
> rules and stats are, looks pretty simple.

Yeah, I know about it, but its been out of print for many years. I really
want a set or two, though.


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