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> >I write for first time at this ML,however i've read
> >discussion of last month about Char and i think that
> >war between Federation and Zion and Neo Zion
> >is similar more to American Civil War (with Zion in
> >the
> >role of seccessionist) than at WWII (also if Marshal
> >Revill=General Lee).What do yo think of this
> >comparison? Donatus
Since I'm not much of a history guy here is what i can piece together about

Zeon - an opressed group led by a A dictator preaching his word of hatred
through the cleansing of the world with the death of the Earthnoids or at
least forcing them to go into space.

Germany-After WWI germany began to fall into a great depression because of the
penalties from the other side. Hitler helped get them out of the slump with
Weapon manufacturing (Mobile Suits) and at the beginning were very much
superior. Hitler also had his philosophy of Genocide.

(this one I'm not very sure of since I didn't bother to watch ZZ)

Zeon - South African troops with different machinery (MS-06D) led by Rommel

Germany - South African troops led by (you guessed it) Rommel!

Well I can't think of anymore at the moment but heres one last one look at all
the waepons that were used by the Zeon Sturmfausts Bazookas Etc.

- Roger

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