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>I write for first time at this ML,however i've read
>discussion of last month about Char and i think that
>war between Federation and Zion and Neo Zion
>is similar more to American Civil War (with Zion in
>role of seccessionist) than at WWII (also if Marshal
>Revill=General Lee).What do yo think of this
>comparison? Donatus

While it's true that the One Year War and subsequent conflicts fall more
into the category of civil war than they do international warfare, a better
comparison might be the Sengoku or "Warring States" period of pre-Shogunate

That being said, there are many very distinct and particular references to
WW2 in Gundam that predate the deliberate "Nazi-fication" of the Zeon that
began with Gundam 0080. Specifically, the battle strategies and tactics
and the locales of many of the major engagements are drawn from that
period, with the European Theater of Operations played out on Earth and the
Pacific Theater of Operations played out in space. It's not a coincidence
that the asteroid that serves as Zeon's garrison over the conquered space
colonies, and the space around it, are named for the Solomon Islands, which
were the last territory to be reclaimed by the Allies en route to Japan.

Tomino was born on 5 November 1941 and grew up in post-war Japan. While he
was probably too young to have any clear memories of the War itself, he
clearly saw the consequences of that war all around him and has a deep
regard for the plight of the civilian in such conflicts, which colors all
of his work to date.

He is also clearly of the opinion that there are no good guys or bad guys
per se and that all of the governments share equally in causing and
perpetuating the conflicts and their consequences.


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