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>Does anyone here have a contest guideline or format for a modeling contest?
>Someone asked me to draw up rules for a Gundam or Mecha modeling contest
>here locally. I have some idea on how to do it - but I'd like to see
>established or ideal modeling criteria or rules to make it. The models will
>be displayed in a convention...
>Please, need help... :(

Here's the set of rules used by Toys R Us and Bandai America in their
Wing Gundam plamo promo contest (strangely, no one has mentioned it on
the GML, but it's too late - I just found out that the contest ended
yesterday, d'oh!):

3 categories:

1 Ages 8 - 12 years old
2 Ages 13 - 17 years old
3 Ages 18 and older

For each age category:

1 Grand Prize winner
1 First Place Runner Up
1 Second Place Runner Up

To enter:

1 Take a photo of a fully assembled & detailed Gundam Wing model
2 On the back of the photo, write down name, address, phone # & age
3 Mail photo & personal info to contest sponsor
4 Entries must be received before the deadline
5 Winners will be notified by a certain date


1 Neatness of assembly (up to 50 points)
2 Detailing techniques (up to 25 points)
3 Creativity (up to 25 points)
4 Bonus points for quality of photo (up to 10 points)

Only 1 entry per person/household

Note that this is a very basic set of rules, you are free to create
catagories differentiating between stock or custom kits, or restricting
all entries to a certain scale like the Ora-Zaku competition. You can also
have a diorama-only category.

The rules used by Bandai America and TRU also failed to differentiate
between skill levels, putting beginners at a huge disadvantage. You might
also want to make different categories for plastic injection kits vs.
resin or vinyl kits.


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