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>Justin Palmer writes,
>> I'm afraid that the UK is, sadly enough, not the best place to
>> look for anime goods.
> One add to your list - there's a Japanese bookstore right by St Paul's
>Cathedral. We stumbled upon this last summer, and found it had a pretty good
>selection of stuff. (Nothing like New York's Asahiya branch, but then, what

        I have heard of that one, but haven't been there. Theres a few
Japanese bookshops listed in the UK Anime Shopping Guide, but be aware
that one or two may either have moved or closed down.
> Forbidden Planet, by contrast, was kinda weak...
        Its gotten a bit worse than it used to be, at least based on the
last couple of times I've been, but I like I say, you're never quite
sure what they'll have in stock. Its probably also worth a look if
you're a SF fan in general, but the Japan Centre is probably of more
interest to Japan-philes and anime fans...

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