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><< i like that guy we talk about anime and stuff when i go there, also on the
> same floor is the other guy around the corner that has all the gundam
> kits...i want that GP-02a... >>
>that store around the corner over charges,alot..i got my MG Mk II Titans
>version for 40 bucks

I go to that store like 3 times a week, I asked him about the Gm Custom for 3
weeks nonstop and when it came out It looked like it wasn't worth 35 dollars
so I felt kinda dumb.

And he doesn't charge a lot... if you wait like a month things become dirt
cheap I bought A Zaku II from him for 20.00 and I got Gelgoog cannon for 30
and he has the Rick Dom for 35 dollars, I felt stupid because I bought the Dom
for 60 dollars!! If you wanna good deal on BIG models go to Penguin Village
and also never buy paint from that guy go to the "game shop" everything on
paint supplies is cheaper.

And finally I mostly buy from the model guy in the corner because he has the
most and the Newest models plus he's a diehard fan if you ask him something
chances are he knows it.

- Roger

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