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<< These tips apply any where you shop, for that matter. For the stores
 that you guys have been talking about in NY Chinatown Elizabeth Center,
 there are few things that you need to be aware:
 1. The newer the kit, the more it will be. If you can wait a month or
 two, the price will come down. The first week MG Dom came out it was
 $65, now you can get it there for $40. Not that they are ripping you
 off, jus that the first shippment comes by air, which cost a hell of a
 lot more. The later shippments come by sea or other cheaper means. If
 you need it that bad, you got to pay the piper.
 2. Aways check the inside of the box to make sure you got everything.
 I myself got burnt twice.
 3. If you think you are getting an awesome deal, bells should go off
 in your head to check everything. You will probably never get a refund
 if you find out you got a bum deal later.
 Now, be sure to follow all these tips. Happy shopping!
Guess i should check my boxes from now on, but i havent run into any problems
so far. also, i dont always buy at that place, there is a smaller store on
grand and lafyette that i usually buy anime from too (nice guys in there too)
and they have some models that i hadnt seen in the stores on elizabeth.

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