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>Hi, Justin and other GML Britons
        Hello there!

>I will go to London from 22 Jan to 24 Jan. I should be fairly busy. But
>just in case the palaces, museums, parks and pubs couldn't occupy all my

        I can recommend the Natural History Museum. ^_^

> do you have any advice on Gundam and Macross shopping? I am mainly
>interested in out-of-print or oddball kits and books.

>I am not familiar with London, so I would appreciate if you could give the
>exact shop name and/or address.
        I'm afraid that the UK is, sadly enough, not the best place to
look for anime goods. Most of the fans I know either import items from
abroad, or scour Dealers Rooms at UK conventions. However, its not
entirely hopeless.
        Best thing I can do is point you at this website: http://www.ryo
        This has a link to the UK Anime Shopping Guide, which has a
complete list of UK anime fan haunts in the UK and London. However,
places I can personally recommend are:

Forbidden Planet
 71 New Oxford Street
London WC1A 1DG
Tel: (0171) 836 4179
Web: http://www.fponline.force9.co.uk/

        Also known as Foreboding Prices. ^_^ The manga are in with the
regular comics, upstairs, along with a small and very changeable
selection of model kits. Anime videos and a small selection of
merchandise are kept downstairs. Always worth a look, because their
stock changes quite a bit and you're quite sure what they'll have in.
Only Macross related stuff I've seen there, though, is old Robotech

Japan Centre
212 Piccadilly
London W1V 9LD
Tel: (0171) 439 8035

        Londons best kept anime fan secret. A small place absolutely
crammed with little goodies. Mainly a shop selling merchandise related
to Japan, such as books, it also has a small collection of Japanese
language anime releases - when I was there, this included Sailor Moon
and some Miyazaki films - soundtracks, and some toys and stationery. Not
much to interest a proper mecha fan, but they do have some neat Gundam
keyrings (my car is now ignited by the Alex... ^_^), some large vinyl
robots (including some SD Gundams), and assorted stationery. Theres a
food hall downstairs.
        If you face the main entrance to Tower Records (Tower Records
1 Piccadilly Circus), walk left round the side of the building, cross
over the road (remember, we drive on the left! ^_^) and walk a bit
further up the street to find it.

        I can also recommend the Tottenham Court Road Retro Exchange.
Unfortunately, I don't have an address, but if you call in at the main
Tottenham Court Road Computer Exchange (address with the UK shopping
guide), they should be able to give you directions. A lovely little
place to re-visit your youth in, they deal in all sorts of old consoles
and games. I didn't see anything very anime related while I was in
there, but if you're looking for any rare mecha related titles, you
might find something here.

>Thanks a lot!
        You're welcome! Enjoy your trip to the *real* Albion! ^_^

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