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crystal (the green sphere on the chest) several times, and when it fired the
guns notice where the end of the guns were positioned? Right on the crystal.
Because the crystal was damaged it couldn't focus the energy properly and as
a result the mech since it was already damaged suffered the backlash of the
bad energy conversion? Just a thought.
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Subject: Re: [gundam] Firing a rifle can cost you an arm and a leg

>Richie Ramos wrote:
>> At 02:08 PM 1/14/00 +0800, you wrote:
>> >I've been watching Endless Waltz over and over. Now I wonder, aside
>> >it being damaged after sparring with Wufei and the Nataku, is there any
>> >other reason why Wing Zero fell apart after the second and thid shots of
>> >the Twin Buster Rifle on Mariemeia's palace? I kinda gathered from
>> >other people on this list that the rifle does take a lot out of Wing
>> >but I just wanted to make sure. It was a bit weird seeing an arm and
>> >a leg fall off with each succeeding shot, granted that the GW boys had
>> >suicidal tendencies.
>> >
>> >Joshua
>> It was probably damage taken from the reentry and battle with
>> firing of the buster rifle just finished the job.
>Naaah. Probably the rifle is too unstable. Think about the recoil.
>A steady shot that is about the size of a MS coming from a such a medium
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