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Fri, 14 Jan 2000 15:44:00 GMT

   I just got my Turn X a few days ago. And I must say that it is one of the
best 1/144 scale gundam models I've seen so far. It comes with six trees:
three in the creamy white color and the other three in dark grey.
Construction was pretty straight forward and the parts all fit in nicely
without any problems. The finished model stands in 14 cm from head to toe. A
pretty tall model if you ask me. Now we all know the majority of people hate
Turn A's design simply because it does not carry any resemblance of its
predecessors. Like all the different mobile suits featured in Turn A, Turn
X's design is pretty wacky. We already heard the mix reactions from the
people in this mailing list when we saw Turn X's pictures. Some of you hate
it because of those big feet and some of you like it because it looks better
than Turn A. I'm one of those people who favours its design, so you might
find this review a bit biased. But I will let you decide.
   There is no mistake that Turn X is natural born warrior. Armor plating
everywhere, sharp edges in some areas to intimidate opponents and lastly the
variety of weapons in his sleeve. And that face reminds me a lot of Boba
Fett's :) One interesting feature on the legs is that the platings are not
placed in any symmetrical way but rather a series of mosaic combination. I
was worried at first but after looking at the finished model I must admit it
looks pretty darn good. Anyone who saw Alien Ressurection will notice
there's a resemblance in the leg structure between Turn X and the Aliens.
What I mean by that is you will see a Z shape when you bend all the leg
joints to its maximum bend potential. Kinda makes you think that this guy
could sprint like a feline creature.
   However, the down side of the leg design would have to be its foot. If
Turn X had to walk up or down the stairs like robocop's ED-209, it would
fail the test and cry like a baby. The gap in between the foot is too wide,
making this mecha's mobility on any rough surfaces pretty limited. But I
guess they never had Turn X in mind to go on rough terrains since it is
going to be mostly used in space. But that doesn't mean the big foot doesn't
have its uses.
   I've heard that Turn A is really flexible in terms of posing but I find
Turn X better than any of the 1/144 or HG series. And I mean much, much
better. You can think of virtually any kinetic pose and it will stay in that
pose thanks to the big "bad" foot. Accessories wise Turn X is pretty basic.
It comes with one beam rifle, bazooka and a weapons rack. What about that
ugly hand thingie?? Well I simply don't consider that as an accessory
because it's part of the arm while the weapons rack can be detached. Just a
word of caution, don't try to pose Turn X without its weapons rack, it LOOKS
NAKED because it has no armor plating to cover the back.
    Now back to that hand thing that the folks at Bandai call it weld-off
and destruction manipulator. It looks like a big crab clamp to me but since
it doesn't open that thought was gone. I think Mark Simmons said it's some
kind of weapon similar to G-gundam's lighting fist or something like that.
So in other words Turn X could be a very efficient and tough fist fighter :)
But to be honest that lack of right hand doesn't really bother me at all, I
mean we've seen a lot much worse designs in the gundam universe.
   So if you like the design, or need someone to tangle against your lonely
Turn A, then go out get this baby. You won't be disappointed because I
wasn't ^_^

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