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Richie Ramos wrote:

> At 02:08 PM 1/14/00 +0800, you wrote:
> >I've been watching Endless Waltz over and over. Now I wonder, aside from
> >it being damaged after sparring with Wufei and the Nataku, is there any
> >other reason why Wing Zero fell apart after the second and thid shots of
> >the Twin Buster Rifle on Mariemeia's palace? I kinda gathered from other
> >other people on this list that the rifle does take a lot out of Wing Zero,
> >but I just wanted to make sure. It was a bit weird seeing an arm and then
> >a leg fall off with each succeeding shot, granted that the GW boys had
> >suicidal tendencies.
> >
> >Joshua
> It was probably damage taken from the reentry and battle with nataku...the
> firing of the buster rifle just finished the job.

Naaah. Probably the rifle is too unstable. Think about the recoil.

A steady shot that is about the size of a MS coming from a such a medium sized

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