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> Subject: [gundam] Firing a rifle can cost you an arm and a leg
> I've been watching Endless Waltz over and over. Now I wonder, aside from
> it being damaged after sparring with Wufei and the Nataku, is there any
> other reason why Wing Zero fell apart after the second and thid shots of
> the Twin Buster Rifle on Mariemeia's palace? I kinda gathered from other
> other people on this list that the rifle does take a lot out of Wing Zero,
> but I just wanted to make sure. It was a bit weird seeing an arm and then
> a leg fall off with each succeeding shot, granted that the GW boys had
> suicidal tendencies.

Wing Zero did a re-entry with Alteron Gundam without transforming into the
bird mode. Most of the damage was caused by action. It was already
structurally unsounded when it fires the rifle, which went ahead and destroy

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