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> But wait, in episode 45 "Battle of Axis", you can see
> that both Haman and Gremmi factions have Zaku III
> involved in the battle; and remember in earlier
> episodes, Dakaran was seen piloting a Zaku III during
> the Belfast colony drop when he was still loyal
> to Haman.

Mayby I should state that Haman's troop doesn't seem to have Doven Wolf and
Gremmi's troop does...

> Should Gremmi remain loyal to Haman, Zaku
> III would still lost its competition to Doven Wolf as
> the next Neo Zeon MS becuase DW has the edge with
> incom system (perfected from Psyco Gundam mkII and
> Gundam mkV), a luxury which the Zaku III lacks.

Hum... Psycho Gundam II does not use Incom. It uses Psychocommu
Wire-Guided Mega Particle Cannon, which is derived from Zeong of OYW.

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