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>> Now I see some similarities between GM Custom and
>> Zaku III. Both are top models (albeit not to the
>> calibres of Gundams in their time) and were
>> in very limited quantities (single digits?), but
>> from ZZ's TV show, it seems there were a
>> number of Zaku III in action during Neo Zeon's
>> internal conflict, which contradicts some
>> references' claim of only a few units were produced

>> after Zak III lost to Doven Wolf as the next Neo
>> Zeon's MS... (snip)
> Well, if you look carefully, Zaku III is used
> primarily by Haman's faction during Neon Zeon's
Civil > War. Doven Wolf is use primarily by Gremmi's
> faction, specifically the Wolf Team.

But wait, in episode 45 "Battle of Axis", you can see
that both Haman and Gremmi factions have Zaku III
involved in the battle; and remember in earlier
episodes, Dakaran was seen piloting a Zaku III during
the Belfast colony drop when he was still loyal
to Haman. Should Gremmi remain loyal to Haman, Zaku
III would still lost its competition to Doven Wolf as
the next Neo Zeon MS becuase DW has the edge with
incom system (perfected from Psyco Gundam mkII and
Gundam mkV), a luxury which the Zaku III lacks.

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