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> > Blue Destiny novelization also implies that some of Zeon's newtype
> > researchers later resurfaced at Augusta Labs... ;-)
> Hey.... so that wire-guided INCOM system may simply have been an
> adaptation of say, the Ziong's giant wire-guided limbs, or like the
> turrets on that freaky 4-gunned Zion MA! 1YW technology repackaged for the
> Fed?

What I have been saying all along. Except for the Psychocontrol System and
the floating system, Psycho Gundam is very heavily based on the technology
of Zeong.

> > production lines, were at Jaburo and Luna Two. Neither of these
> is a major
> > manufacturing site after 0083.
> Also a pity, since it apparently was the most productive production
> line of the entire Gundam saga! Wasn't Jaburo eventually destroyed BTW?

It was wired with nukes in an attempt to destroy combined AEUG-Karabala
forces that were attacking it. Most of them got away.

> > I do wonder how Anaheim, a company with little expertise in psycommu
> > technology, came up with the bio-sensor system... and how
> Scirocco got his
> > hands on it as well.
> The Bio-sensor, unlike Psychommu, Quasi-Psychommu, and INCOM, seems to
> be a bit of an 'out-of-the-blue' NT Technology... It really doesn't get
> used on anything post-ZG either, does it?

Let's see, highly unreliable, and needing a newtype to use it? Hell, even
the evil psychocontrol system of Psycho Gundam is more reliable.

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