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This just in:

Gundam Weekly Calendar 2000 (1999, Kadokawa Shoten, ISBN4-04-900246-9) 52
color digest-size pages (26 illustrations) for 1200.

As the name implies, it's a calendar with one full week on each page and
thus a fortnight per double-page spread, each of which is a single

There are significant events from UC 0079, in English, next to the date on
which they occur. Since the year 2000 ends on a Sunday, we get the first
six days of January 2001, with the notation "0080.01.01. 'One Year War' is
over" on Monday, 1 January 2001.

(Apropos of nothing, my current reckoning has UC 0079 equating to 2159 AD,
almost exactly 100 years before the Great War in which a giant space
station very similar to the Zeon closed-type space colonies played a major
role. The name of the place is ... Babylon 5!)

Alas, they picked the wrong leap year -- 2001 is one day off from the
Canonical 0080 and places 14 January on a Sunday, not a Monday. Still, you
can use this as a 0079 calendar if you simply remember to shift every date
ahead one weekday.

Oh, and the artwork is pretty good, too....


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