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>Kain wrote:
>> just one question, how many episodes are there in 08th
>> MS Team?? I can now buy the set of VCDS, but I want to
>> know how many episodes are there.
>There are 12 plus the movie

<Plot spoiler follows>

12 "official" episodes. There's a coda/epilogue episode that
chronicles Miguel and Kiki's quest to find Shiro and Aina and
their encounter with the nameless NewType orphans from the
Flanagan Agency. The Miller's Report movie itself has some new
footage in addition to clips from the first 2/3 of the series,
plus a new character (the titular Miller), who was commissioned
to investigate Shiro's alleged disroyalty to the Federation.
What was mentioned in passing (the order issued to Karen and
Sanders to terminate Shiro if he defects/deserts) in the
later episodes were clarified/made explicit in the movie.


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