Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 14:43:27 -0800

>I dunno... there is a Zaku clone in "Gundam X"
>there are REAL Zakus in "Turn A Gundam" the
>F-91 and Crossbone units still have the old
>WWII GAS-MASK that is what the Zaku helmet
>looks like anyway.

Hmm, they don't look similar at all to me
physically, although they serve the same grunt

>And I've never seen G Gundam, but I asume
>its all Gundams, so that invalidates it,
>we don't see anything but Gundams, and I
>really don't count it as a series...

There are drone suits in G Gundam that are not
G Fighters, and the Serpents from Wing ripped
some design elements from it.

>like if Bandai did "P-Gundam" after the
>Pokemon craze I wouldn't call blatant
>commercial prostitution of the franchise
>Gundam either...

Maybe that's just what the doctor ordered to revitalize
this aging franchise, LOL! Gundam has always reflected
upon its competition - Zeta Gundam's transforming suits
is Tomino's answer to Macross, Transformers, and all the
other 80s anime that had transforming mecha. 0080 was
very character driven and puts the mecha in the backseat
just like Patlabor (not to mention the Labor wannabe Kampfer),
when you get to G Gundam it's Street Fighters and HK martial
arts movies. Now if they made a Pokemon Gundam... yeah!
GOTTA COLLECT THEM ALL! Let the Senate hearing on the
illegal gambling aspects of P-Gundam trading cards begin!


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