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>From: Edward Ju <>
> >Well just as many
> >fans can't imagine a Gundam story with
> >no Zakus...
>We haven't seen a Zaku variant since F-91...
>unless you meant a OYW story.

I dunno... there is a Zaku clone in "Gundam X"
there are REAL Zakus in "Turn A Gundam" the
F-91 and Crossbone units still have the old
WWII GAS-MASK that is what the Zaku helmet
looks like anyway.

Yes "Gundam W" got away with NO Zakus by
adding a coke-can on top of some of their
bad guy MS instead of a head unit.

And I've never seen G Gundam, but I asume
its all Gundams, so that invalidates it,
we don't see anything but Gundams, and I
really don't count it as a series... Just
like if Bandai did "P-Gundam" after the
Pokemon craze I wouldn't call blatant
commercial prostitution of the franchise
Gundam either...

  "In an effort to bolster models sales
   Bandai adopts the Pokemon model for
   their Gundam line"

Amuro : The leg joint on the Master Grade is a little loose
Tech A: I'll get right on it, somebody get me a polycap...
Tech B: What kinda polycap
Tech A: Polycap A, and try to trim the sprue this time
Tech B: Yeah ok...
Amuro : Oh, and can you paint something really cool on the
        Shoulder for me.
Tech A: All we got are these "Do Not use control" stickers.
Amuro : Oh, nevermind.
Tech A: Damn I can't give these away.
Amuro : Oh and tech, can I have another Beam Saber I threw
        one away today.
Tech A: We have any more beam sabers.
Tech B: Nope, guess we'll have to buy a Perfect Grade you
        can buy extra weapons for those... and the eyes light
        up too.

   Coming from Bandai and Sunrise this summer...

        Collectible Model Mobile Suit Gundam

               Gotta Build 'em All!

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