Thu, 13 Jan 2000 16:42:24 EST

I'm finally watching Turn A and I find myself enjoying the show. Much as I
hated the design of the Turn A, once I saw it in action, I'm warming to it.
It evokes, for me, a very V Gundam feel in the character's design and
disposition. Although I wouldn't be upset if Harry lost those shades! What
the hell is that about!

Anyway, I like it, now.

On to the questions:
In ep 8 they take Loran to a reception w/ Queen Diana, but they make Loran
dress as a woman, who they introduce as the White Doll MS pilot Lora Lora.
Does this deception have to do with his Moonrace status? And If so, who all
knows his history on Earth? I thought this was his secret.

What is said when Lora and Harry dance? Any thing significant revealed in
that conversation?

And My final Query:
What the hell is that fish toy that Loran carries, and why is he so
protective of it?! Its gotta be important, its inthe open.


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