Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 13:38:40 -0800

>So ANY design is more welcome in space
>than the borderline terrorist MS.

Wasn't the GM Quel designed for putting down
riots, therefore by its nature it is made for
use inside colonies exclusively? It was probably
more trouble than it's worth to convert it for
space use.

>Bad but real reason... Many fans can't
>imagine Gundam without a Gundam in it.
>The terrible reason we will never see
>Blue Destiny animated.


Hmm... I dunno if you've played the game or
not, but by the 3rd game you've got the now
cliched "Gundam vs. Gundam"... you see, even
videogames can't escape the "must-have-Gundam
syndrome", even Rise from the Ashes has an
expansion disc that puts a Gundam in the game,
disqualifying it as the first videogame without
a Gundam in it.


>Well just as many
>fans can't imagine a Gundam story with
>no Zakus...

We haven't seen a Zaku variant since F-91...
unless you meant a OYW story.

>So even though the MS of
>choice for Zeta should have been a
>refined Gelgoog, we get crappy Zaku

Build a few costly high performance suits
or amass an army of low cost cheapos...
they prefer quantity over quality I guess.


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