Paul Fields (
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 12:20:12 EST

>We can agree the GM Quell is the forefunner(somewhat) to the Mk. II the
>Titans develop and that it is derivitive of the GM Custom....ok...
>One burning question repeats in my mind many times....
>Why in the hell would they use the ugly and slow ass Hizack compared to the
>GM Quell?

I have two reasons for you one good...

One not so good but equally weighted..

Stormtroopers, and SS troops had cool
uniforms so why don't we use them for
police, and crossing guards? Because
they remind us of dictators, and the
military controlled regimes they are

The Quell was the Jack-Booted thug of
MS designs... and Grypps can be seen
like the Ruby Ridges and Wacos of the

So ANY design is more welcome in space
than the borderline terrorist MS.

Bad but real reason... Many fans can't
imagine Gundam without a Gundam in it.
The terrible reason we will never see
Blue Destiny animated. Well just as many
fans can't imagine a Gundam story with
no Zakus... So even though the MS of
choice for Zeta should have been a
refined Gelgoog, we get crappy Zaku

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