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> >We can agree the GM Quell is the forefunner(somewhat) to the Mk. II the
> >Titans develop and that it is derivitive of the GM Custom....ok...
> >One burning question repeats in my mind many times....
> >Why in the hell would they use the ugly and slow ass Hizack
> compared to the
> >GM Quell?
> I would suspect that if the Gundam WOrld were like the real world, it was
> probably because of economics. The durn things are supposedly sheaper to
> build.

GM Quel is also a very specialized MS. It's primary function is riot/crowd
control, which is the reason for all those sensors around the angles and
feet. As Mark has pointed out, it may have done its job too well, and is
tainted with riot massacres for Titans to continue using it.

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