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>> If you go by the Japanese definition of mecha, as I understand it, you
>should also include any kind of vehicle shows, Like Tank Police, etc. I
>generally consider mecha to be just power armor and mobile suits, however.
>Me too. I was just gathering people's feedback on this list - and see what
>reactions they had. But I really felt that mobile suits and powerarmors are
>our definition of mecha.
>But I still don't feel that Bubblegum Crisis is a mecha series however...
>For some reason, I can't classify it there...
>I really think I need to find a fixed definition of a mecha series...
>From: Paul Y.C. Leung <pycl@painewebber.com>

It was always my impression that when Japanese refer to mecha, they are
refering to any machines or mechanical objects. Hence the term mecha. This
can be a huge genre. Giant robots are only a subset of the the larger mecha
umbrella which includes...

space ships
military vehicles- past and present
ships, submarines-
small arms- (hand guns and the like)

This would mean something like "Gunsmith Cats", which is all muscle cars
and pistols, is mecha. While that might be too much of a stretch for many,
I certainly think tanks and fighters are mecha.


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