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Here is the latest report from IGN DC:

First Details on the US Version of Gundam

                  Bandai gives us a date and answers questions on
subtitling or

                  January 12, 2000

                  Today, Bandai shared with us details on the US version
of Gundam Side
                  Story. Scheduled for release in the first week of
April, the game will carry
                  the full title Gundam Side Story: 0079. It's currently
undecided if the
                  "Rise from the Ashes" subtitle will make an

                  Of course, the big question on the mind of all the
Gundam fanatics is
                  whether the terrific Japanese voices will remain in
the US version. Bandai
                  has stated that the game's voices will be fully redone
for the American
                  market. We'll be getting an initial look at the US
version shortly, so we'll
                  be able to give you a full report on just how good a
dub you can expect.

                  Bandai also informed us that they'll be having various
cross promotions
                  with the currently available toys and card games,
although specifics have
                  yet to be revealed. More details should come into
light as the release date
                  approaches, of course.

                  While waiting for our full-on look at the US version,
be sure and check out
                  our hands-on preview of the import, which features
pictures and a cool
                  little trailer movie.

                  -- Anoop Gantayat, IGNDC

 IGN DC Preview of US Gundam RFTA


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