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(Mashma's AMX-011S)
> Supposedly, everything but the head is an optional
> accessory for the regular Zaku III - including the
> alternate skirt armor, backpack, and beam rifle. In
> fact, the line art for the regular Zaku III
> demonstrates that its backpack is removable, and the
> early sketches shown in Model Graphix's Gundam Wars
> book show some other options for the skirt armor.
> So really, Mashma's Zaku III is pretty much just a
> standard model with a different set of parts and a
> personalized color scheme. Only the head, knees, and

> perhaps the shoulder armor are genuine
> Perhaps this slightly altered base machine is the
> Zaku III Kai itself, to which Mashma applied his own

> selection of equipment options... it's not really
> clear from the books & HG-UG kit manual.

Now I see some similarities between GM Custom and Zaku
III. Both are top models (albeit not to the calibres
of Gundams in their time) and were produced in very
limited quantities (single digits?), but from ZZ's TV
show, it seems there were a substantial number of Zaku
III in action during Neo Zeon's internal conflict,
which contradicts some references' claim of only a few
units were produced after Zak III lost to Doven Wolf
as the next Neo Zeon's MS. So the guessing game
continues, at least we are sure that only 20 units of
RX-79 were ever produced!

> The RGM-79N is billed as a "custom" unit (spelled
> out in katakana), versus the RGM-79C, which is the
> Kai (hence a "modified" unit). I wonder whether
> there's a GM Custom Kai out there, or a GM Kai
> Custom... ;-)

The Feds were not so high on Burning and his former GM
teammates so they can have their tailor make MS, were
they? :)

>> So Killing did not commit suicide after all - he
>> waswiped out by the Fed's MS team led by the Full
>> Armor Gundam as shown in the 0080 manga! (haha)
> Um, I'm not sure I'd want to take that as gospel
> either. <grin>

neither do I, but I like to know what'd happened to
him, if the photos in MS Era should not be taken as
paramount. The guessing game continues...

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