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>From: -Z- <Z@Gundam.Com>
>> How about Acrobunch, AD Police, Baldios, Bismarck, Borgman, Brain Powerd,
>> Bubblegum Crisis, Cowboy Bebop, Dancougar, Dangai-Oh, Escaflowne, Gall
>> Force, Giant Gorg, Goshogun, Ideon, Nadia, Neoranga, Outlaw Star, Project
>> A-Ko, Srungle, Technovoyager (AKA Thunderbirds 2086) and Zeorymer?
>> Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane....
>I've seen some of these. I haven't seen the other A-Ko stuff (OAVs) apart
>from the movies...But I'll include it. Cowboy Bebop and B Crisis aren't
>mecha series to me for some reason which I can't point out.

>From: Roland Thigpen <jenius@unspacy.org>
>> If you go by the Japanese definition of mecha, as I understand it, you
>should also include any kind of vehicle shows, Like Tank Police, etc. I
>generally consider mecha to be just power armor and mobile suits, however.
>Me too. I was just gathering people's feedback on this list - and see what
>reactions they had. But I really felt that mobile suits and powerarmors are
>our definition of mecha.

OK, then, here's one we both forgot: Anime Starship Troopers (1988)....


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