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>>So where is Augusta anyway? Everyone (including myself up until now)
>>called it the 'Arctic Base', Mark even locate the event at North Pole.
>>But does it make sense to hide a base _at_ the North Pole? Surely it's
>>unnecessarily harsh? I've always assume it's somewhere in Alaska, Baffin
>>Island, Greenland, Norway, Russia etc etc.
> "North pole" is how it's described in the Shindosha timeline, but I
>think that's just an approximation. I'm pretty sure I've seen the
>location identified as Alaska. The original Roman Album map indicated
>that Zeon controlled all of North America, but more recent maps have
>conceded this corner of the continent to the Federation. After all, in
>the Gundam movies, British Columbia seems to be the frontier between Zeon
>and Federation territory.
> Greenland's an interesting suggestion, too...

A search on "Augusta" in the commendable Microsoft Encarta 99 Virtual Globe
returns an Augusta in Maine (its capital, in fact) and Wisconsin and an
Augusta Lake in Minnesota -- a bit too far south and too far inland.

There is, however, an Augustus Island in the Ward Inlet, between the Hall
and Becher Peninsulas, at the southeast end of Baffin Island -- latitude
6035'N, longitude 6740'W. This is in the Arctic, between Hudson Bay and
Greenland, and there's a straight shot up the inlet from the Labrador
Sea/Atlantic Ocean.

Augusta Labs in the Federation base on Augustus Island?

I think we have a match, folks...!

> At any rate, the Augusta headquarters in Z Gundam is in Oakland,
>California. However, they could easily have relocated to warmer climes
>during the intervening seven years.

When I was stationed in Iceland, I worked very closely with technicians
from Raytheon and SEIC, both of which were headquartered in California (Los
Angeles and Sunnyvale, respectively). Augusta probably has ties with
Silicon Valley and the University of California, as do a number of US
military contractors.


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