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>> but I thought AMX-011S was customized for Mashma
>> Cello, so "Zaku III Custom" suits better then
>> "Modified Zaku III" since it's an one and only MS
> True, so perhaps this one should have been called
> the "Zaku III Kasutamu" in the first place. After
> scoping all my ZZ references - of which there are
> damned few - the consensus seems to be that the Zaku

> III Kai is barely modified anyway; aside from its
> altered head, all its other features are standard
> options for the (highly modular) Zaku III. So it's
> less of a customized mobile suit than a regular Zaku
> III with all the optional extras...

I always thought of the term 'customize' is something
in line of 'tailor made' in today's term, but for MS,
it'll be either make to measure (like Camille's Zeta
Gundam), or like you've said, adding or substracting.
For Mashma's AMX-011S, it has a different head with
head vulcans replaced the nozzle beam cannon, plus a
new (and big) skirt armor with booster, different
shoulder armor, bigger & more powerful backpack, and a
beam rifle that was used for a few seconds in the TV
show. Too bad the S type has just 1 unit (for Mashma),
otherwise 'modified' will fit the MS like the ultra
limited RGM-79N...

(MS Era)
> Right. Witness the picture where Zeon pilots are
> stenciling kill markers onto their Zakus for all the

> GMs they've shot down - in February, UC 0079!

So Killing did not commit suicide after all - he was
wiped out by the Fed's MS team led by the Full Armor
Gundam as shown in the 0080 manga! (haha)

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