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Federico Makabenta wrote:
> But Dangaio might be more of a Giant Robot series - but I did enjoy
> Kawamori's design. I dunno, maybe the sheer cheesiness of the series made me
> think it was a Giant Robot series (Cross Fight! Cross Fight! - Dangai
> Beam!!!)

It's easy to distinguish between humanoid and non-humanoid mecha shows.
But how do you distinguish between giant robot shows from non-giant robot
shows? I think any definition you come up with will put one or another
Gundam shows embarassingly close to be a giant robot show. Especially G
Gundam is most definitely a giant robot show.

If you are making a list for yourself, what to include and what to exclude
is of course your own prerogative. But if you are making a list for a web
site or for research, I think you should include all the giant robot
shows. I think it will be a very interesting list.

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