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Nightingale writes, in guru-like fashion...

>but I thought AMX-011S was customized for Mashma
>Cello, so "Zaku III Custom" suits better then
>"Modified Zaku III" since it's an one and only MS

  True, so perhaps this one should have been called the "Zaku III
Kasutamu" in the first place. After scoping all my ZZ references - of
which there are damned few - the consensus seems to be that the Zaku III
Kai is barely modified anyway; aside from its altered head, all its other
features are standard options for the (highly modular) Zaku III. So it's
less of a customized mobile suit than a regular Zaku III with all the
optional extras...

>For RGM-79C and MS-07B3, I think "Modified GM" and
>"Modified Gouf" will be a better answer since they
>were mass produced to a certain degree.

  Right. Ditto the Salamis Kai, which is the standard ship of the postwar
Federation fleet.

>As for the "Kai", I think I have just about enough to
>see the 'mass-produced'/what-if Gyan from Giren's
>Greed and every issue of Dengeki Hobby. Char's Gyan?
>Gato's Gyan? Ranba Ral's Gyan? (from 02/00 issue of
>DH) Here's where the 'Kai' and 'Custom' get maximum
>abuse, although MS-15B Gyan High Mobility Type is one
>of my favorites!

  I think the notion here is to simply substitute the Gyan for the
Gelgoog, in all its permutations. But if we're playing what-if, how about
a branch where you choose to mass-produce the R-2 type Zaku instead of
the Rick Dom? Would the Gelgoog and Gyan even exist then?

>As being as ignorant about historical dates as I am, I
>found out that Chris MacKenzie was one of the Fed's
>cadet pilot (in California, 09/0079) in photo 60 of MS
>Era 0099, but wasn't that time California still
>occupied by the Zeons? so I guess "MS Era" should be
>treated as an entertainment book, not a serious
>historical factoid, right?

  Right. Witness the picture where Zeon pilots are stenciling kill
markers onto their Zakus for all the GMs they've shot down - in February,
UC 0079!

-- Mark

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