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> And Colin adds,
>> Leave this mess to the gurus. They think they are
>> superiors than anyone else anyway.
> Bwa ha ha! Surrender, puny Earthling! :-)

another sincere apology if I've offended anyone. This
was the direct result of spending the entire night
revising a web site ^_^;;

now clean & sober (+ a cup of coffee), I see that:

>> So is it more proper to translate 'kai' as
>> 'modified' or as you like 'improved'? If so, who
>> made the original mistake of using 'custom'?
>> Bandai or Western fans?
> I blame Bandai. The later Entertainment Bibles had
> indices that listed Romanized versions of all the
> mobile suit names, in which "kai" was always
> translated as "custom"; even today they're still
> doing it, as with the HG-UG Zaku III Kai,
> which is labeled "Zaku III Custom" on the box.

but I thought AMX-011S was customized for Mashma
Cello, so "Zaku III Custom" suits better then
"Modified Zaku III" since it's an one and only MS; for
RGM-79C and MS-07B3, I think "Modified GM" and
"Modified Gouf" will be a better answer since they
were mass produced to a certain degree.

As for the "Kai", I think I have just about enough to
see the 'mass-produced'/what-if Gyan from Giren's
Greed and every issue of Dengeki Hobby. Char's Gyan?
Gato's Gyan? Ranba Ral's Gyan? (from 02/00 issue of
DH) Here's where the 'Kai' and 'Custom' get maximum
abuse, although MS-15B Gyan High Mobility Type is one
of my favorites!

As being as ignorant about historical dates as I am, I
found out that Chris MacKenzie was one of the Fed's
cadet pilot (in California, 09/0079) in photo 60 of MS
Era 0099, but wasn't that time California still
occupied by the Zeons? so I guess "MS Era" should be
treated as an entertainment book, not a serious
historical factoid, right?

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