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Chien Ting Chin writes,

>For what it's worth, 'Kai' in Chinese means 'modify', it's neutral
>regarding positive vs. negative modification.

  You're right - this is the case in Japanese too. "Modified" is a better

>So the C is Kai and the N is called kasutamu? So for whom exactly was
>the RGM-79N customized? South Burning? I thought he flew a C-type?

  Burning used the C type (GM Kai) in episode 2, and the N type (GM
Custom) thereafter. I have no idea who the GM Custom is supposed to be
customized _for_, but at least it's less common than the GM Kai. :-)

>So is it more proper to translate 'kai' as 'modified' or as you like
>'improved'? If so, who made the original mistake of using 'custom'?
>Bandai or Western fans?

  I blame Bandai. The later Entertainment Bibles had indices that listed
Romanized versions of all the mobile suit names, in which "kai" was
always translated as "custom"; even today they're still doing it, as with
the HG-UG Zaku III Kai, which is labeled "Zaku III Custom" on the box.

>Sorry to butt in here. Honestly I am really getting overloaded by you
>gurus. Just want to ask a few dumb questions, apology in advance if the
>questions are offensively dumb.

  Heh! Sorry, you're as much of a guru as any of us. Question away.

>So where is Augusta anyway? Everyone (including myself up until now)
>called it the 'Arctic Base', Mark even locate the event at North Pole.
>But does it make sense to hide a base _at_ the North Pole? Surely it's
>unnecessarily harsh? I've always assume it's somewhere in Alaska, Baffin
>Island, Greenland, Norway, Russia etc etc.

  "North pole" is how it's described in the Shindosha timeline, but I
think that's just an approximation. I'm pretty sure I've seen the
location identified as Alaska. The original Roman Album map indicated
that Zeon controlled all of North America, but more recent maps have
conceded this corner of the continent to the Federation. After all, in
the Gundam movies, British Columbia seems to be the frontier between Zeon
and Federation territory.

  Greenland's an interesting suggestion, too...

  At any rate, the Augusta headquarters in Z Gundam is in Oakland,
California. However, they could easily have relocated to warmer climes
during the intervening seven years.

>Ok I can buy into this lineage, except for all the other MS that Titans
>were using in early episodes of Z.

  That's the hazard of inserting all these retcon series, eh? I remember
when the Hizack was billed as "the first new mobile suit created after
the One Year War." :-)

>Another question: other than GM Queel, Mk II, Psycho Gundam and Psycho
>Gundam II, what other Gundam/GMs were used by the Titans? And how many
>non-Gundam MS were used by Titans?

  Well, the Titans also used the GM II (whose model number indicates it's
produced at Gryps). And the Gundam Mk. IV (from G-Generation Zero) and
Mk. V (from Sentinel) were created by Augusta Labs, though not
necessarily for the Titans themselves. That's about it.

And Colin adds,

>Leave this mess to the gurus. They think they are
>superiors than anyone else anyway.

  Bwa ha ha! Surrender, puny Earthling! :-)

-- Mark

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