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On Tue, 11 Jan 100, Prabal Nandy wrote:
Another GMLer (forgot who ^_^;) thought that you went back to 1969, which
is a little strange, there was nothing exciting in 1969, except for the
moon shot and ahem my birth. But 100 AD! now that was a roaring good
time. I can totally imagine Probe as a Roman reveler :)

> Mark wrote:
> > * According to the Shindosha timeline, this organization began as the
> > Federal Forces' Augusta research base, where the RX-78NT1 Alex was
> > developed as an early effort to create newtype-specific weapons. When the
> Well, I guess that makese sense... 0080 seems to suggest it was
> constructed on Earth. (Wonder if that means it doesn't have lunar
> titanium, hence it needed CHOBHAM armor?)

Sorry to butt in here. Honestly I am really getting overloaded by you
gurus. Just want to ask a few dumb questions, apology in advance if the
questions are offensively dumb.

So where is Augusta anyway? Everyone (including myself up until now)
called it the 'Arctic Base', Mark even locate the event at North Pole.
But does it make sense to hide a base _at_ the North Pole? Surely it's
unnecessarily harsh? I've always assume it's somewhere in Alaska, Baffin
Island, Greenland, Norway, Russia etc etc. Consider:

1. Two Hygogs jetted out of sea and in less than a minute they were all
over Augusta, so it must be pretty close to some bit of ocean that's not
yet frozen in early winter.

2. The anime showed the attack to be conducted in daylight (it was
actually in the morning, wasn't it?). But on December 9, pretty much the
whole Arctic circle is in darkness, so Augusta must be south of 67 degree.
Actually it can't be very far north of Anchorage or Oslo.

> So basically the Alex leads to the GM Custom, leads to the GM Quell and
> then sorta indirectly to the Mk.II? Well, the Custom and the Quell sure

Ok I can buy into this lineage, except for all the other MS that Titans
were using in early episodes of Z. Is GM Quell a mainline MS for Titans
or not? If so, then by 0088, the Titans must have dropped GM Quell in
flavour of Hizack. From Titans' personality, you have to say the Hizack
is better than Quell, which is in turn better than GM II, because that's
only a minor improvement over the 0079 GM. And GM II is the mainline MS
for the Feds in 0088 right? Isn't that rather funny? In 0083 you already
see the Feds with all kinds of cool GM variants, you have the GM Kai,
GM Cannon, Powerd GM and don't forget the GM Kastamu.

Another question: other than GM Queel, Mk II, Psycho Gundam and Psycho
Gundam II, what other Gundam/GMs were used by the Titans? And how many
non-Gundam MS were used by Titans?

AH HACK! Methinks the Gundam world is a more sensible place if 0083 was
never made.

Back in 1985, the story was simple, Gundam + Zaku -> Hizack, Gundam ->
Gundam Mk.II, and GM -> GM II. Next you wedge in 0080's Gundam Alex NT-1,
not a big deal it's pretty much just RX-78-4 and afterall it was pretty
much destroyed before it saw real action, and the writers humbly call it a
War in the Pocket. No big deal! NT-1 was a blip on the screen. Then you
wedge in 0083's 3 Gundams! So how does that jive with Z? You gotta
laborously destroy all 3 Gundams and then explain how the records were
destroyed blah blah blah. And then they pay lipservice to Z by explaining
the Titans and such and what did they roll out? Not a proto-Hizack, but a
proto-Gundam-Mk.II in the guise of a GM? PLUEASE! Ok ok the GM Quell was
a blip on the screen, figuratively and literally. I swept it, and most of
the rest of 0083, under the mental rug. But now this kit manual is trying
to tell me you can actually connect the dots from 0079 to 0080 to 0083 to

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