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Neil Baumgardner wrote:
> > Notice the covers coyly displayed "0079-0083" for book 1 and "0083-0153"
> > for book 2.
> Really? My book 1 says 'Since U.C. 0079' and covers MSG and 0080, whereas book
> 2 says 'Since U.C. 0083-0153'. In reality book 2 should probably be called
> 0087-153.

Oops, I could be wrong... Gotta go home and check. BTW mine were
translated into Chinese, so some Hong Kong idlehands might have
extraneously added "-0083" to book 1.

I should also plug this Chinese version for non-Japanese readers. It's
totally legit but a lot cheaper. The Chinese translation may be suspect,
but it's mostly an eye-candy book anyway.

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