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On Tue, 11 Jan 100, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> Isn't it kinda wierd how the Republic is allied with the Titans? I mean,
> it's as if NATO was allied with, I dunno, Estonia or something like that,
> how wierd is that?

Well Estonia is a "partner" already, and you have Poland, Czech Rep. and
Hundary as full members of NATO. Truth is stranger than fiction.

But then having the Zeon Republic allying with the Titans is pretty akin
to having the Socialist Government of post-coldwar Russia allying with (or
even kowtowing to) the Skinheads of USA and Germany.

> At any rate, it might make some sense that the Titans took advantage of
> indigenous labor and expertise at Side-3. One might even speculate that
> wartime scientists and engineers were 'encouraged' to prove their loyalty
> to the Fed/Titan cause by signing up and helping the war effort along, who
> knows!

Pretty similar to US and USSR nabbing Nazi and Japanese scientists and
engineers and granting them immunity from warcrimes and crimes against

> kinda wonder... _who_ was in charge of producing the V-Project Gundam and
> GMs, and what happened to them and their production lines?

Won't it be a setup similar to the Manhattan project?

> "Seems to be some magic ...

This GOT TO BE published on the web, if you won't put it on your site, I
wouldn't mind putting it on Newtype Asylum. :)

> Mark wrote:
> > would mean that most other wartime Gundams - including the Alex and RX-79
> > series - couldn't possibly have Luna Titanium armor. Hm... they do seem
> > kinda flimsy, actually. :-)
> I think that's the thing! I mean, the GP-series seems to definately

No way dudes! They were rushing to bring the Alex to Amuro for Op Star 1,
it just doesn't make sense that the Alex's armor is inferior to RX-78-2 in
any aspect. LT armor is so crucial to Amuro's performance and survival
that if a regularly armored Alex were to show up on the frontline, Amuro
would have laughed his head off.

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