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The Probester writes on...

> Isn't it kinda wierd how the Republic is allied with the Titans? I mean,
> it's as if NATO was allied with, I dunno, Estonia or something like that,
> how wierd is that?

  Not at all. After all, the future of the Republic's civilian leadership
depends on the Zabi family not coming back into power, so it's in their
vested interest that the Zeon loyalists stay suppressed. In fact, the
Republic's government is widely seen as a Federation lapdog.

> At any rate, it might make some sense that the Titans took advantage of
> indigenous labor and expertise at Side-3. One might even speculate that
> wartime scientists and engineers were 'encouraged' to prove their loyalty
> to the Fed/Titan cause by signing up and helping the war effort along, who
> knows!

  It's a lot like the recruitment of German scientists by the Allies after
World War II, though in that case there was the additional motive of
grabbing them before the Soviets did. Anecdotally, it seems that many former
Zeon engineers and scientists were perfectly happy to continue their work
under Federation sponsorship - among them Zaku test pilot Elliot Lem. The
Blue Destiny novelization also implies that some of Zeon's newtype
researchers later resurfaced at Augusta Labs... ;-)

> So it's possible that Zimmand incorporated itself into the Titans, while
> Zeonic was absorbed by Federation manufacturing firms.... Which makes me
> kinda wonder... _who_ was in charge of producing the V-Project Gundam and
> GMs, and what happened to them and their production lines?

  It was kind of a skunkworks project, and many of the key personnel were
lost in the attack on Side 7 (among them Tem Ray). The other people, and the
production lines, were at Jaburo and Luna Two. Neither of these is a major
manufacturing site after 0083.

  Remember, the model numbers of Z and ZZ-era Federation mobile suits
indicate their point of manufacture. The Gundam Mk. II and GM II were
produced at Gryps, the Zaku Mariner at Jaburo, and the Galbaldy Beta at Luna
Two. The others were variously produced at A Bao A Qu, Solomon, New Guinea,
Kilimanjaro, Pezun... many or all of which were Zeon bases during the One
Year War.

> "Gun-dam, the robot,
> was a very merry Fed
> With big white limbs, and a dark blue chest
> And a beard of jaunty red!"

  Vulcans hum... are you listening?
  All around... casings glistening!
  We'll face unafraid, in the Gundam we made,
  The forces of the Zeon fatherland.

> I think that's the thing! I mean, the GP-series seems to definately
> _not_ have the original Gundam's immunity to conventional weapons (though
> its somewhat questionable in the GP-01's case) And the Alex seems to have
> taken damage in its chobham-less mode that ought not to have happened to
> the original gundam... naturally, alot of this is due to the
> non-hero-robotishness of the new Gundam serieses, so anything is possible.
> But I think after seeing what Zaku and Gouf machinegun rounds can do to
> the RX-79 series in 8MST, we'd _have_ to conclude that these gundams are
> missing _something_ that the original had.

  The RGM-79[G] and RX-79[G] are supposed to have Luna Titanium armor, but
then so are the 08th MS Team Goufs, and that makes _no_ sense. At any rate,
they sure seem wimpy compared to the indestructible Gundam.

  The GP01 is actually pretty tough, though. After being shot up a bit by
Cima's beam rifle, it takes a series of 110mm shells to the torso, which
probably would have been enough to shake up Amuro as well. At any rate, the
shells don't seem to pierce the armor - just stun the pilot and kick out
some intra-cockpit shrapnel.

  Since the GP series were manufactured in space, and not exactly on a
super-tight deadline either, it seems reasonable that they could have Luna
Titanium armor.

> Seems like there was a rather unusual amount of technology swapping
> going on. Makes me wonder if (like in RL) the actual research was being
> done in 'government labs' and the results were being farmed out to the
> corporations to actually get made... (part of the payment being temporary
> exclusive rights to produce the technology). This is consistant with how
> things are done in RL.... Of course, Gundam companies may have exclusive
> R&D labs of their own.

  It does seem like Augusta came up with the quasi-psycommu system itself,
though certainly with the support and resources of the Federation
government. You don't see a lot of examples of Gundam technology being
created by government researchers - it's mostly credited to private
companies, which then exchange technology or steal each other's ideas
through industrial espionage.

  I do wonder how Anaheim, a company with little expertise in psycommu
technology, came up with the bio-sensor system... and how Scirocco got his
hands on it as well.

> Right... I guess it makes alot of sense that each GM variant would be
> independantly produced in a different factory perhaps even by different
> companies, given specs/blueprints produced by the Federation government or
> something... This would go a long way towards explaining the unusual
> numbers of special variants, and also why the GMs have _always_ been
> general purpose.

  Exactly. So the RGM-79C GM Kai might be, just for the sake of argument,
the Anaheim version. The RGM-79N GM Custom is the Augusta version. The
RGM-79G GM Commando, RGM-79R GM II, and RGM-86R GM III might be from yet
more vendors...

> So the Mk.II was produced by the Titans, right? (I assume they have
> their own production facilities and factories and stuff?)

  Yep, Gryps is basically a huge factory plant. It even has drydocks, where
the Dogos Gear was built.

-- Mark

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