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Prabal Nandy wrote (still posting from 1969):

> Isn't it kinda wierd how the Republic is allied with the Titans? I mean,
> it's as if NATO was allied with, I dunno, Estonia or something like that,
> how wierd is that?

Well not really if you think about it. By signing the peace treaty with the
Federation and accepting some nominal Federation control, the new Zeon Republic
made itself an automatic enemy of the Zeon loyalists, like Delaz and those at
Axis. Its kinda like the whole 'politicians betrayed the German army' shtick from
after WWI. The Republic was considered traitors by the Zeon diehards. As such, it
sorta makes sense for the Republic to ally itself with the Titans. Kinda makes the
Republic seem even more despicable. It's the whole 'enemy of my enemy is my
friend' thing.

Neil Baumgardner

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