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Neil Baumgardner writes,

> Well, according to the MG manual, the RX-78GP02A's atomic bazooka is made by
> A.E./Zim, which I assume means Anaheim Electronics/Zimmad.

  Hm, good point. I'll take another look at the weapon model numbers - they
can't all be made by Bauva. :-)

> Whoa, I thought Kai was Japanese for Custom?

  Not really. "Kai" means something akin to "refined" or "improved," and
usually denotes an upgraded version of a mass-produced model. For example,
we have the Salamis Kai (two flavors, from 0083 and Zeta), Zaku Kai (from
0080), and GM Kai (the C type from 0083). Even the Dowadge Kai and Zaku III
Kai are supposed to be standard models, albeit very late ones and
consequently quite rare.

  "Custom," on the other hand - written as "kasutamu" in katakana - would
typically denote a unit that's been personally customized or modified. The
MSV-era GM Sniper Custom is a good example - no two were alike, and each was
modified to suit its pilot. The GM Custom seen in 0083 may just have this
name because it's a deluxe limited-edition model...

> The Powered GM was based on the C Type, not the Custom.

  Right. The RGM-79C is called the GM Kai. The RGM-79N is named the GM
Custom. This alone would indicate that Kai is not the same thing as Custom,
though Bandai seems to be indordinately fond of the latter term. ;-)

> At any rate, so was the Powered GM not a mass-produced MS?

  Nope, just a GP01 testbed. There appear to have been at least two, since
we see a wrecked one lying around Torrington Base after the Zeon attack.

> Also, another question I was going to ask earlier, is the extra armor on the
> Powered GM a sort of full armor package, underneath you would find a regular C
> Type, or its it an upgrade package, that replaces old components with new
> ones?

  We'll never know for sure. I'd say the backpack at least must be a full
replacement for the regular GM Kai version, but the other gadgets could well
be plug-ons.

> I guess we need an MG kit huh?

  That wouldn't suck! :-)

-- Mark

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