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Mark Simmons wrote:

> You know, I was wondering that too at one point. One place I looked -
> maybe it was the back of the Sentinel book - claimed that, after the war,
> Zimmad remained based in the Zeon Republic (unlike Zeonic, they did all
> their wartime design work at Side 3 rather than on the moon or on Earth).
> Since the Republic was allied with the Titans, there's a possibility that
> the company might have contributed to the Titans arsenal.

Well, according to the MG manual, the RX-78GP02A's atomic bazooka is made by
A.E./Zim, which I assume means Anaheim Electronics/Zimmad.

> <snip>
> > What about the Powered GM?
> This is an Anaheim testbed, a GM Kai that's kitbashed to test out the
> GP01's backpack and gather performance data. It's not clear who made the GM
> Kai, since this is basically just the Katoki version of the original GM, and
> all his GMs look a lot like it.

Whoa, I thought Kai was Japanese for Custom? The Powered GM was based on the C
Type, not the Custom. At any rate, so was the Powered GM not a mass-produced MS?
Also, another question I was going to ask earlier, is the extra armor on the
Powered GM a sort of full armor package, underneath you would find a regular C
Type, or its it an upgrade package, that replaces old components with new ones?
I guess we need an MG kit huh?

Neil Baumgardner

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