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Probe writes,

> The Gaplant always kinda reminded me of a next-generation Dom or
> something... are there any Zimmand expatriates working for Augusta?

  You know, I was wondering that too at one point. One place I looked -
maybe it was the back of the Sentinel book - claimed that, after the war,
Zimmad remained based in the Zeon Republic (unlike Zeonic, they did all
their wartime design work at Side 3 rather than on the moon or on Earth).
Since the Republic was allied with the Titans, there's a possibility that
the company might have contributed to the Titans arsenal.

  Technically, Augusta was originally supposed to be an orthodox Federation
design shop. But the Gaplant and Bound Doc sport Zeon-style mono-eyes, so
they must have had some input from ex-Zeon designers...

> Well, I guess that makese sense... 0080 seems to suggest it was
> constructed on Earth. (Wonder if that means it doesn't have lunar
> titanium, hence it needed CHOBHAM armor?)

  I'm still not quite sure whether Gundarium (AKA Luna Titanium) can only be
made in space. The Rapport Deluxe staff seem to think so, as their
newly-published One Year War Saga has the Gundam originally produced at
Jaburo and then shipped to Luna Two for an armor upgrade. However, this
would mean that most other wartime Gundams - including the Alex and RX-79
series - couldn't possibly have Luna Titanium armor. Hm... they do seem
kinda flimsy, actually. :-)

>> * According to Gundam Sentinel, Augusta was also the first organization
>> to succeed in developing a quasi-psycommu system that could be used by
>> normal humans, and also created the wire-guided incom weapons system.
> Later used by the S-Gundams... which were produced by....?

  Anaheim Electronics, which obtained the technology from Augusta Labs.
Since Augusta's Gundam Mk. IV and Mk. V were supposedly based on data from
Anaheim's Gundam Mk. III - or so claims the new G-Generation Zero game -
this could have been a simple technology swap.

> What about the Powered GM?

  This is an Anaheim testbed, a GM Kai that's kitbashed to test out the
GP01's backpack and gather performance data. It's not clear who made the GM
Kai, since this is basically just the Katoki version of the original GM, and
all his GMs look a lot like it.

> Interesting... so it looks like some of the lucrative GM contracts were
> being farmed to some different companies?

  The GM Custom and Quell, at least, were Augusta exclusives. (Now I need to
take a look at the MG GM Custom manual!) A similar scenario could certainly
apply to many other GM variants, such as the GM Commando, GM Sniper II, GM
II, and GM III. Even during the war, we have the GM [E] developed by the
Earth Federation Space Force and the GM [G] developed separately by the
Federation's ground forces.

> Of course, does the model-mag have any explanation for why the GM-Quells
> had completely disappeared from the Federal army just 3 years later,
> though regular GMs remained in service?

  No, of course not. :-) However, the GM Quell is designed primarily for use
inside colonies (that's why it has few manuevering verniers, and all those
ground-level sensors on its ankles). It's possible that Quells were still
around in Zeta, but just off-camera. On the other hand, since they lack
panoramic display cockpits, they may have been phased out in favor of the
slightly more advanced general-purpose GM II.

> But isn't that an exclusively Anaheim technology? That's a little goofy.
> Seems more of a rationalization for the MG kit's awesome legs to me! (Love
> that GP-01 styled detailing!)

  No, the movable frame was originally developed by the Titans, and first
perfected with the Gundam Mk. II. Anaheim has some idea what the Titans were
working on, and the Type 100 was their first attempt to do likewise, but the
Titans were much further ahead. Later Anaheim designs, like the Z Gundam and
Gundam Mk. III, were based on the Gundam Mk. II and its state-of-the-art
movable frame.

> And wasn't the GP-03 or something
> supposedly equipped with a partial linear-frame system?

  Nope. It had a panoramic display cockpit and linear seat (almost identical
to Augusta's Alex), and the GP series were pretty much the first mobile
suits with add-on "binders" that function as part of the maneuvering system,
but the GP designs were pre-movable frame. (Not that you can tell from the
MG kit's fancy leg structures, ahem!)

> But what did they use for intra-colony fighting in Zeta Gundam? Is
> there any explanation for why Quells completely dissappeared so soon? Were
> they specialized "Command GM" units like the GM-Ns?
> See, the thing that kinda bugs me is that the Quell retains the ankle
> sensor units of the GP-03, which is something I'd expect to be exclusive
> to space-superiority MS (I.e., robots that need to be able to see below
> their feet)... seems totally unecessary on a 'terrestrial' type machine.

  Ostensibly they're anti-ground sensors, though you're right that this
completely contradicts their use on the GP03S. See above for some guesses as
to why they don't appear in Zeta (aside from the obvious, namely that they
hadn't been invented yet ;-).

-- Mark

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