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From: Edward Ju <gundam@loop.com>
> Incidentally, another collection book just came out. Dengeki's "Mobile
> Memoirs" is a collection of the MS Memoirs column serialized in the now
> defunct B-Club magazine, compiled with pages from previous issues of
> Degenki's own Animation magazine. Besides the cel illustration from
> pages (complete with the pilot's portrait), you've also got photos of the
> mecha's plastic model buildup, some enhanced with CG effects. At half the
> price, this book was a much better buy.

Eddie, I beg to differ
This one (2,500Yen) looks pretty lame to me...I felt that it's not worthy
compare to GUNDAM FIX (4,800Yen) that I can look it again and again...or
proudly put on the collection shelf.
BTW, I am not a Katoki worshipper.


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