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> interesting kit manual of the Master Grade GM Quell. I don't have one yet

  I just finished assembly of mine two days ago... definately a MUST BUY,
and a ton of fun to build! GREAT color scheme, and great leg flexibility
too! All in all, it builds like an improved MG Mk.II... Same color scheme
as the Titans' version too. I'll post a review on RAAM soon.

> Z Gundam fans may recall Augusta Labs, one of the several newtype
> research institutes set up by the Titans. This company, based in North
> America, is the developer of the Gaplant and Bound Doc, and the creator

  The Gaplant always kinda reminded me of a next-generation Dom or
something... are there any Zimmand expatriates working for Augusta?

> * According to the Shindosha timeline, this organization began as the
> Federal Forces' Augusta research base, where the RX-78NT1 Alex was
> developed as an early effort to create newtype-specific weapons. When the

  Well, I guess that makese sense... 0080 seems to suggest it was
constructed on Earth. (Wonder if that means it doesn't have lunar
titanium, hence it needed CHOBHAM armor?)

> * According to Gundam Sentinel, Augusta was also the first organization
> to succeed in developing a quasi-psycommu system that could be used by
> normal humans, and also created the wire-guided incom weapons system.

  Later used by the S-Gundams... which were produced by....?

> Well, the GM Quell manual explains what Augusta was up to between the
> One Year War and Z Gundam. The RGM-79N GM Custom seen in Gundam 0083 is
> actually designed and manufactured by Augusta, as a derivative of the

   What about the Powered GM?
   Interesting... so it looks like some of the lucrative GM contracts were
being farmed to some different companies? Perhaps this explains why GM-Ns
were considered "Customs" i.e., limited prodution new MS? (I.e., the Feds
only bought a limited contract number of them from Augusta)

> Alex. The GM Quell is a continuation of the "Augusta series", produced
> exclusively for the newly-formed Titans. Not only does this establish an

  So... it's kinda like the company from WG and OZ, supplying exclusive
elite-use MS, eh?
  Of course, does the model-mag have any explanation for why the GM-Quells
had completely disappeared from the Federal army just 3 years later,
though regular GMs remained in service?

> early alliance between Augusta and the Titans, but the GM Quell also
> introduces an early version of the movable frame technology that was
> perfected in the Gundam Mk. II.

  But isn't that an exclusively Anaheim technology? That's a little goofy.
Seems more of a rationalization for the MG kit's awesome legs to me! (Love
that GP-01 styled detailing!)

> lineage between the Gundam, Alex, GM Custom, and GM Quell official - from
> the Alex onward, this is Augusta pursuing its own development path,
> separate from the work of Anaheim Electronics or the mainstream Federal

  So basically the Alex leads to the GM Custom, leads to the GM Quell and
then sorta indirectly to the Mk.II? Well, the Custom and the Quell sure
have a huge amount of similarities!

> Forces. The implication that Augusta's work on the GM Quell was the basis
> for the Gundam Mk. II project makes this newtype lab a major player in

  Though that connection seems kinda goofy to me still.... why did Augusta
just pass that info on to Anaheim? And wasn't the GP-03 or something
supposedly equipped with a partial linear-frame system?

> Additionally, the assignment of the GM Quell to a private company
> gives the Z Gundam mecha scene a bit of the charming "developer wars"
> flavor of the One Year War. After all, we thus have Augusta creating the

  Heh heh, though that never happened with the Federal forces, eh?

> GM Quell for the Titans to use _inside_ colonies, and Anaheim producing
> the Hizack for combat _outside_ colonies - two rival manufacturers vying
> for a lucrative government contract. And the notion that various

   But what did they use for intra-colony fighting in Zeta Gundam? Is
there any explanation for why Quells completely dissappeared so soon? Were
they specialized "Command GM" units like the GM-Ns?
   See, the thing that kinda bugs me is that the Quell retains the ankle
sensor units of the GP-03, which is something I'd expect to be exclusive
to space-superiority MS (I.e., robots that need to be able to see below
their feet)... seems totally unecessary on a 'terrestrial' type machine.

> manufacturers were licensed to produce upgraded GMs would help account
> for the wide variety of variants we've seen over the years...

  That is kinda neat actually, and it makes sense, since most of the work
seems to be for producing "Upgrade Packages" for GMs that were produced
during the 1YW... kinda like how companies kept getting contracts to keep
upgrading the F-4 in RL.
  Any info on what that little pectoral sensor nub is on the GM-Q? The
GP-series robots had rather large blocky sensors on the shoulders, while
the Mk.II had two GM-Q styled ones on its torso....
  Now I'm really interested to see what the GM-Custom instructions say!


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