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Paul Fields posts his cooling question again...

> I was re-watching 08th MS team the other
> day, and when Shiro tries full throttle
> on the RX-79(G) to keep the big Asparas
> from falling off a mountain in Tibet

  I'm still trying to figure out what that whole "Max Power" thing was about
(no, not that Simpsons episode). I'm starting to suspect that this "limiter"
we keep hearing about is some kind of power regulator that stops the mobile
suit from overheating itelf (which would be why mobile suit pilots normally
don't have to worry about heat management). If so, then disengaging the
limiter - as the F91 does in its super-power mode, and the Blue Destiny
units do when they're using their EXAM systems - would let you boost your
performance at the risk of overheating & shutting down the mobile suit.

  I'm still looking for written confimation of this, but at least I have a
working theory...

> my question is do we assume there is an
> important cooling system there in the torso,
> on any Federation Mobile Suit that doesn't
> have a core fighter? There is supposed to
> be a high commonality of parts between the
> 08th MS GM, and Gundam but how similar are
> they to the original GM and Gundam.

  According to the MG GM kit manual, a lot of the cooling hardware
distributed around the Gundam's waist is indeed relocated to the
non-transforming core block in the GM. (The Gundam's skirt boxes,
traditionally identified as "helium control cores," thus would seem to be
part of a helium-based cooling system.) We could then assume that Gundams
and GMs that lack these external boxes and vents keep their cooling systems
in the torso instead, in the space vacated by the core fighter.

  This theory works for the 08th MS Team Gundam and GM, and probably for the
Alex too (which lacks a core fighter, but has an extra-bulky panoramic
display cockpit, and has cooling boxes on its rear skirts). It doesn't
account for the boxes and cooling vents on the GM Custom and GM Quell,

> How similar are later GMs(GM Custom/Quell) and
> later Gundams(Alex, RX-178 etc...) to the
> earliest models?

  Many of the later models, like the Gundam sequels themselves, share a
common ancestor but don't have much in common with each other. For example,
we have the Augusta GM line - originating from the Alex, continuing with the
GM Custom and GM Quell (and probably the GM Cannon II as well), and leading
into the Gundam Mk. II. Anaheim's Nemo is based on either the original GM or
the GM II (which, despite its name, is a pretty minor upgrade). The GM III
seems to be another revamp of the original GM, rather than an evolution of
the GM II. If you were to map the GM family tree, it would look more like a
low shrub with twenty sprouts from a single root, rather than an orderly,
branching tree.

-- Mark

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