Paul Fields (
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 15:03:36 EST

Um... Chris there is a whole bunch of data
up there, but wholesale posting of someone's
site? That's asking for trouble.

However you can do what I did, translate it
with Translingo... they DO have a 30 day trial.
I liked it so much I bought it, but for the
rest of you guys, go try it out.

Oops, the 30 day trial is down right now, but
its here when it is available...

I'm e-mailing the site owner to see if he wouldn't
mind an English mirror, since I've already run
it through for myself.

>Is there any chance of someone out there posting an english translation of
>the list? Unfortunatly my attempts to learn to read or speak japanese have
>been for naught.
>Chris Perry

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