Paul Fields (
Tue, 11 Jan 2000 14:33:02 EST

While not in response to Mark's post, I
hope people will at least look at this
post... Its a repost of the Cooler GMs
post which should have probably been GM
cooling systems or something... It is on
the same wavelength really...

I was re-watching 08th MS team the other
day, and when Shiro tries full throttle
on the RX-79(G) to keep the big Asparas
from falling off a mountain in Tibet, It
looked a lot like the scene at the end of
Char's Counterattack where Amuro is with
Nu Gundam trying to stop Axis. Only this
time -Z- can't say he should have pushed
it faster. Anyhow, the Gundam crashes &
the torso heats up. Specifically the right
hand side of the abdomen, above the hip
plate next to the cockpit. Same place as
where South Burning's GM got shot up in
0083 just before he died. I guess I really
have to buy the MG GM Custom kit now, but
my question is do we assume there is an
important cooling system there in the torso,
on any Federation Mobile Suit that doesn't
have a core fighter? There is supposed to
be a high commonality of parts between the
08th MS GM, and Gundam but how similar are
they to the original GM and Gundam. How
similar are later GMs(GM Custom/Quell) and
later Gundams(Alex, RX-178 etc...) to the
earliest models?


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