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Neil Baumgardner writes,

> BTW, do we also have numbers for the Federation fleet, as well as Zeon's
> Doros-class carriers. Speaking of which, is there just one of the latter? If
> so, how do we explain Gato's Doroa, or is that another Gato mystery?

  The Doroa is the second of two Doros-class carriers.

  As for the Federation, EB 39 and Hobby Japan's Gundam RPG differ somewhat,
but the general consensus seems to be that the Federation had a peak
strength of 400 capital ships (at the start of the war, and again just prior
to Operation Star One), with about a quarter of these being Magellan-class
battleships and the rest Salamis-class cruisers.

  And by the way, it seems that the naval review in Gundam 0083 hosted about
250 warships. After Gato's attack wipes out three-fifths of the review, the
remaining fleet still outnumbers Delaz's fleet by five to one, and Delaz has
roughly 20 capital ships (including, at that point, Cima's fleet).

  You can see why Delaz is so proud of himself. As per EB 39 and the Gundam
RPG, both the original Operation British and the attempted Ruum colony drop
involved about 80 Zeon ships - four fleets - whereas Delaz pretty much pulls
his off with one fleet...

> BTW, where in the heck did they get all this info?! Looks like they've got
> ship names, some launching or commissioning dates, captains, mecha
> complement, etc. Is there some source out there that has all this or did they
> just piece it together or make half of it up?

  It's all sourced, though many of the listed ships are from side stories,
comics, and games. The dates are mostly from the Shindosha timeline, or
inferred from the animation (e.g. the Alexandria-class Al Giza was completed
in December 0083, when the ending scenes of Gundam 0083 take place).

-- Mark

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