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Neil Baumgardner wrote:

> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > The Japanese fan site "Gundam Millennium" has a pretty exhaustive
> > listing of ship names - see <> or
> > <> to go directly to the
> > listings. There are a _whole_ lot of 'em.
> BTW, where in the heck did they get all this info?! Looks like they've got
> ship names, some launching or commissioning dates, captains, mecha
> complement, etc. Is there some source out there that has all this or did they
> just piece it together or make half of it up?
> Neil Baumgardner

It looks like they pieced it all together. All ships have their source listed at
the very bottom.

Here are the categories:
Ship name
origin of ship name
War/combat record
mecha complement(MS/MA/air-space craft/special MS weapons etc)
Other Info - build number, crew,displacement etc
Source/Origin - eg TV series, OVA, Novel, Model kit etc...


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