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Mark Simmons wrote:

> The Japanese fan site "Gundam Millennium" has a pretty exhaustive
> listing of ship names - see <> or
> <> to go directly to the
> listings. There are a _whole_ lot of 'em.

Wow! That's great! I cant read Japanese, but all the names are in English.

BTW, do we also have numbers for the Federation fleet, as well as Zeon's
Doros-class carriers. Speaking of which, is there just one of the latter? If
so, how do we explain Gato's Doroa, or is that another Gato mystery?

> No idea there. The only official ship designation is MSC-07 for the
> Albion, obviously indicating it's the 7th Federation mobile suit carrier.
> The new MSV Collection File throws out guesses for both sides, generally
> the familiar "BB" and "CV" with or without an "S" for "space" attached.

Attached before or after, as in SBB or BBS? I assume the former.

> I know that's not quite what you were asking, but it seemed like a
> related topic. ;-)

Yeah, thanks anyway.


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